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License reports

These reports provide a complete picture of your license information for Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft services. Microsoft 365 has various plans that can be mixed and matched as needed, and each plan has its own set of restrictions on the connected, licensed Microsoft applications. This web of licenses necessitates centralized management that makes it easy to tell which plan each user falls into and the applications licensed through it. Microsoft 365 license reports answer this need with real-time data on the license status of Microsoft business application services.

With M365 Manager Plus, the complete Microsoft 365 solution, these reports can be scheduled to run at fixed intervals, emailed to administrators, and exported to CSV, XLS (Microsoft Excel), PDF (Adobe Acrobat), or HTML formats.

Reports in this category include:

  • License details
  • License by service
  • Licensed users by service status
  • Licensed users
  • Unlicensed users
  • Licensed mailboxes
  • Unlicensed mailboxes
  • Soon to expire licenses
  • Recently modified licenses
  • Licensed groups
  • Group without license
  • Licensed group members
  • Stale Microsoft 365 licenses
  • User license assignment details

License details

M365 Manager Plus License details

This report displays all license packs purchased for a corresponding Microsoft 365 account, including information on the number of active units, warning units, and consumed units.

Active units are the licenses purchased, and consumed units are the licenses currently assigned to user accounts. Warning units are the licenses that have expired. The services still work when they are in a warning state for a grace period, which is usually 30 days. Any value in warning units will serve as a reminder to purchase Microsoft 365 licenses to ensure uninterrupted access.

License by service

M365 Manager Plus License by service

This report lists the various Microsoft applications that each user with an Microsoft 365 account is licensed to use and the status of that license.

This report will include license statuses for the following applications:

  • Intune Microsoft 365
  • Yammer Enterprise
  • RMS Enterprise
  • Office Subscription
  • MCOStandard
  • SharePoint WAC
  • SharePoint EnterpriseSway
  • Exchange Enterprise

A graphical representation of the number of users licensed to each of the above applications is also included in this report, clearly displaying usage details for each application.

Licensed users

M365 Manager Plus Licensed users

This report lists the users who are currently licensed with Microsoft 365 to help with effective license management.

Unlicensed users

M365 Manager Plus Unlicensed users

This report lists the users who are not licensed with Microsoft 365, so administrators can purchase extra licenses as needed to keep all user accounts running without a hitch.

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