Configuration Automation

Although network admins manage configurations manually, it can be mentally and physically draining to apply the same set of changes to multiple devices again and again. It might often lead to errors in configuration files, losing track of changes and can be time-consuming. Network Configuration Manager automates networking tasks which increases productivity and makes the network robust.

Automate your network configuration operations with

1. Automated configuration backups
2. Automated change management
3. Automated configlets/command scripts
4. Automated compliance auditing

Automated configuration backups

Avert device failures during network outages with Network Configuration Manager's backup automation. Thus, instead of wracking their brains during a disaster, the admins can get through disasters with automated backups.

Why should you backup network configurations? 

  • To retrieve configuration files after a disaster.
  • To restore back to old configuration versions if an unintended change happens.
  • To duplicate configuration files for future references.
Network Configuration Manager serves this purpose by automating backup for all the devices and device groups such as Cisco, juniper, Hp etc,. Thus, you can keep your network well-equipped to face disasters and render powerful performance.
 Configuration Automation - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

 Automated change management

 Network Configuration Manager keeps a log of all the changes made in a configuration file with automated change tracking and management.

What are the benefits of automated change management?

  • Track all the changes made in the configurations
  • Get a report on authorized and unauthorized changes
  • Compare two configurations of same devices and different devices

 Thus, the admin need not be physically present in the networking environment to monitor the changes as Network Configuration Manager sends a notification whenever a change is made.

Network Configuration Automation - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Automated configlets

Quite often, there arises a need to carry out changes to the running configuration of devices and at times, same set of changes need to be applied to multiple devices which can prove to be tedious and time-consuming. Network Configuration Manager provides a simple solution for this by way of 'Configuration Templates' and 'Scripts'.

How to fix network issues with automated configlets? 

  • Fix bandwidth bottlenecks by pushing Access Control List(ACL) commands to multiple devices using configlets
  • Implement troubleshooting commands to ensure network security
  • Automatically upload configuration files to multiple devices at one go. 
Network Configuration Commands helps to achieve all this through configlets and apart from that, it also provides command templates supporting multiple vendors.
 Configuration Management Automation Tools - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Automated compliance auditing:

With the increasing security threats to network resources, enterprises are required to follow standard practices, and execute internal/external security policies to remain compliant with the latest industry standards. Network Configuration Manager helps administrators analyse network devices to achieve automated network compliance across industry-specific compliance policies.

Why is network compliance necessary?

  • To avoid network loopholes
  • To prevent unauthorized people from accessing data
  • To maintain data integrity and security
Network Configuration Manager provides compliance templates that are in accordance with standards like Cisco IOS policy, SOX, HIPAA and PCI DSS. Other than that it allows the users to create customized compliance policies for internal security.
Network Device Configuration Automation - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager