NetApp monitoring

Why it's essential to monitor your NetApp storage

NetApp has now become one of the fastest thriving SAN storage vendors and their storage appliances are used by enterprises to share vast loads of data across physical and hybrid cloud environments.

Owing to the rampant adoption of NetApp storage appliances by businesses, and tonnes of vital resources stored on them, their malfunction could profoundly cripple operations. Also, their inconsistent monitoring could mislead resource allocation. This is precisely where a dedicated NetApp monitoring software could help do the trick.

Avoid bottlenecks with a NetApp monitor

Due to the number of business-critical functions dependent on NetApp storage appliances, outages and downtime could severely cripple operations; to this end, an effective NetApp monitoring tool can do wonders.

Here are some bottlenecks you may encounter if you fail to monitor your NetApp storage appliances:

  • Outages caused as a result of overshooting data capacity
  • Improper allocation of resources due to miscalculated storage forecasting.
  • Loss of business-critical data stored in the devices owing to outages
  • Setbacks in I/O processes in storage appliances impeding system functionality

Four crucial benefits of deploying a NetApp storage monitoring tool

Here are some major benefits provided by a NetApp monitoring solution:

NetApp Storage Issues - ManageEngine OpManager

Monitor issues

Proactively detect storage performance hiccups before they evolve into serious threats.

NetApp Downtime - ManageEngine OpManager

Reduced downtime

Lessen the time needed to spot and troubleshoot storage-related issues and in turn augment uptime

NetApp Storage Capacity Planning - ManageEngine OpManager

Precise capacity planning

Accurately determine storage capacity by keeping an eye on NetApp disk utilization

NetApp Storage Security - ManageEngine OpManager

Data security

Leverage real-time monitoring stats and historical stats to ensure your data is protected

OpManager's quick fix to combat NetApp complications

OpManager's NetApp storage monitoring function helps you proactively monitor your NetApp storage appliances for availability and storage performance bottlenecks.

Here's how OpManager can help you effectively monitor your NetApp storage appliances:

NetApp real-time performance monitoring and troubleshooting

Opmanager's NetApp storage performance monitor utilizes the StorageRESTAPI to monitor your NetApp storage appliances. With OpManager, monitor NetApp performance metrics such as latency, throughput and IOPS by assigning complimentary monitors to track them. Configure appropriate thresholds, monitor for violations, and broadcast alerts over distinct media such as email, SMS, Slack notifications.Also, OpManager offers NetApp device templates to enable you to add these devices into your network in a few clicks.



NetApp storage capacity forecasting using using OpManager

With OpManager, drill down into even the smallest of data entities in your NetApp appliances. From clusters, aggregates, and volumes to logical unit numbers (LUNs) and qtrees, OpManager enables you to monitor the utilization and capacity of all segments of your NetApp storage to achieve optimum storage capacity forecasting.


OpManager also lets you monitor the nodes and every individual port connected with your NetApp appliances with utmost precision. Additionally, you can map each virtual server with its corresponding volume consumed from your NetApp storage with ease.

Extract more value by monitoring even auxiliary NetApp components

With OpManager, go the extra mile and monitor the supplementary attributes of your NetApp storage appliances; check the status and functioning of power supplies and associated batteries that help power those appliances, and track the status of hardware and hardware sensors to ensure robust functioning on a holistic level.


Holistic dashboards and graphical representation for seamless data visualization

OpManager's customizable dashboard offers a big picture on all the historical stats and real-time stats of your NetApp storage appliances on a single screen, saving you the trouble of switching between multiple screens to fetch data. Also, OpManager's graphical representation of data sets helps you interpret data better and aid in making deliberate and well thought out inferences.


To learn more on how OpManager can enhance your NetApp monitoring efforts, try out a 30-day free trial or register for a free demo.

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