What is Network Device Discovery?

In most network environments there is an assortment of devices, vendors and operating systems - without the right network device discovery tool, one could end up drawing circles (and devices) in the air. Network device discovery tools help you to discover and collect information about physical assets suh as routers, switches, servers, hosts and firewalls. An effecient network device discovery software also helps you to map the relation between devices, discovered virtual hosts and gives a real-time topology maps at both Layer 2 and Layer 3 levels.

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Network Device Discovery - ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager, the automatic network discovery tool simplifies the network discovery procedure in many ways:

  • By performing an 'IP sweep', OpManager automatically discovers all the devices present within a provided IP range or within a whole network.
  • By discovery using ICMP, SNMP (V1, V2 and V3), WMI and Telnet, the Network Administrator is not constrained to any specific protocol and can discover a wide range of devices - SNMP-enabled or even non-SNMP devices.
  • The discovery process immediately provides details such as name, device type, Operating System, services running and other important device configuration details.

A Discovery Wizard allows one to set discovery credentials, select services to be discovered and choose the devices to be discovered and imported for monitoring.

Automatic Network Device Discovery Tool - ManageEngine OpManager

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