Access Manager Plus Release Notes

Version 4.2 Build 4202 (Minor) September 30, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Earlier, users were unable to access the 'Start' menu and the 'Taskbar' within a tab where a remote RDP session was in progress. This issue is fixed now.
  • Earlier, users from the 'Excluded Users' list could not perform any operation from the 'Actions' drop-down for selected connections in the UI. This issue is fixed now.

Security Fixes

  • Earlier, users, other than the connection owner were able to modify the configuration of connections that were locked using the access control settings via RestAPI URLs. This issue has been fixed now.
  • Users exempted from the access control workflow were able to newly configure, modify, and deactivate the access control settings of the connections owned by other users, using RestAPI URLs. This issue has been fixed.
  • Earlier, standard users who did not have the privilege to discover connections were able to initiate discovery tasks and import connections, view, add and delete discovery profiles using RestAPI URLs. This issue is fixed now.

Version 4.2 Build 4201 (Minor) June 30, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Users assigned with a custom user role were unable to initiate remote sessions from Access Manager Plus. This issue has been fixed now.
  • Previously, when the type of a shared connection, whose password was 'In Use', was changed as 'owned' during an active remote session, the status of the access request still showed as 'In Use'. From now on, the modified status of the access request will be properly shown as 'Request'.
  • Previously, the AD users, who were a part of an AD group already excluded from access control requests, imported into Access Manager Plus, were not automatically excluded from access control after the AD user sync. This issue has been fixed now.
  • Earlier, the character limitation of the 'reason for password retrieval' field that appears under the 'Connections' tab was 100, which has now been increased to 2500.
  • Previously, administrators and custom users assigned with the 'Create Custom Roles' user role could not access the approval notifications for adding and editing new roles from the 'Notification' icon. This issue is fixed now.
  • Previously, the SQL and VNC connection type users were able to view the 'Transfer Files' option under the 'Connections' tab. From build 4201 onwards, the 'Transfer Files' option will not be available for these users as it does not apply to their user roles.
  • Previously, connection owners were able to change the 'In Use' passwords of connections during active remote sessions. This issue has been resolved.
  • The non-functional chat window used by session collaborators in SQL and SSH remote sessions has been made functional now.

Version 4.2 Build 4200 (Major) May 31, 2021


Customizable Access Control Settings
From build 4200 onwards, Access Manager Plus allows users to apply customized configuration settings for the connection access control feature. This enhancement comes with options that help users efficiently manage the request-release workflow for the connections.

A few of the customizable options that can be availed include:

  • Setting up of auto-approval of connection requests during specified periods.
  • Excluding certain users/user groups from going through the request-release workflow for the selected connections.
  • Sending timely reminders to the connection owners to approve access requests.
  • Customizing miscellaneous settings such as mandating users to provide a valid reason for password retrieval.
  • Providing grace time for users to continue the connection access before the forceful check back in of passwords.

Version 4.1 Build 4101 (Minor) January 08, 2021


  • This release comes with improved security level checks for Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) and HTTP request methods.

Version 4.1 Build 4100 (Major) July 03, 2020


  • Earlier, all connections, added to Access Manager Plus, were shared connections only, by default, and were publicly accessible by all users. Now, users have the choice of making their connections either as 'Shared' or 'Owned', where the 'Owned' connections are private and accessible by the connection owners only. Options are available under 'General Settings', for administrators to globally enable/disable session recording for Owned connections, and transform Access Manager Plus to Shared/Owned mode, at their discretion. Additionally, the bulk 'Edit Connections' option has been added, which allows the connection owners alone to enable/disable the 'Shared connection' and 'Access Control' options.

  • The PostgreSQL server used in Access Manager Plus has been upgraded to version 9.5.21.