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Group Management

Active Directory Group Management Tool

A strategically designed Active Directory group helps simplify administration & achieve maximum flexibility. However, configuring groups and assigning various group attributes is a complex procedure that involves numerous steps when performed using native Active Directory tools, PowerShell, etc. An effective Active Directory group policy management tool like ManageEngine ADManager Plus makes group management simpler. This tool helps manage groups, and also streamlines the management of all other AD, Office 365 and Exchange accounts and objects, from a centralized web-console.

ADManager Plus has an exclusive feature dedicated for Active Directory group management that simplifies creating and managing of AD security and distribution groups. Add or remove multiple group members, configure Exchange attributes, and all other attributes in bulk, by just importing a CSV file, at once.

With the Active Directory group policy management feature of ADManager Plus, you can:

Create groups and add multiple members at once

Creating Active Directory security and distribution groups is simple with ADManager Plus. You can just create a group and import all its members, from a CSV file, or select them from a list, in a single operation. The Exchange properties of groups can also be defined in the same window. You can even employ the customizable group creation templates to refine the process of creating groups as per the policies and needs of your organization.

Template for group creation

Group creation templates streamline and standardize the process of creating and modifying AD groups. These templates enable administrators to control how they create or modify Active Directory groups at a very granular level. The Custom Attribute section also offers an option to execute custom scripts run on successful group creation. Administrators can enter the script or cmdlet in the space provided; it will be executed once the group object(s) is created.

Bulk group membership modification

ADManager Plus enables you to modify Active Directory groups by just selecting the group and importing the members or selecting from the list of users. This eliminates the necessity for selecting individual Active Directory users and modifying their association with the respective AD groups. The scope of the groups will be immutable for security concerns.

Modifying group attributes of the users

Unlike native Active Directory where you can modify attributes of only a single member at a time, ADManager Plus allows bulk users group attributes modification. Group operations like adding or removing members from groups, setting primary groups etc., can be performed on multiple group objects in Active directory at once. The members need not be added one after the other, but can be imported from CSV file or can be selected from a list.

Configuring Exchange attributes of groups

You can configure the Exchange properties for groups during their creation or modification. This will allow you to set email address, mail alias, delivery restrictions, etc. of groups in Active Directory. Get the free download of this software's trial version to explore all the group management features in detail.

Group Management

Active Directory Groups Management
Active Directory Groups Management

Modify Groups Attributes

Active Directory Modify Groups
Active Directory Modify Groups

Simplify Active Directory group management

  • Create and manage AD groups in single and in bulk
  • Manage group membership in a few clicks
  • Configure Exchange attributes of groups easily
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