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Application performance management tools

Application performance management (APM)

Gain deep visibility into your applications in production and ensure uninterrupted performance.

Applications Manager APM tool aids you in the process of application performance management with its comprehensive app performance monitoring capabilities. Monitor every nook and corner of your business application and measure the impact of various components in your applications. DevOps teams, IT Operations, Site Reliability Engineers, Cloud Ops, and product owners in more than 6000 organizations worldwide rely on Applications Manager to respond to incidents quicker, boost innovation, make more informed decisions and provide customers with world-class digital service.

How does APM harmonize with various IT teams?

The operations of IT teams can be primarily divided into three:

While these operations often overlap with each other, the scope of their individual domain is distinct. Applications Manager's Application performance management tool seamlessly merges with all three sectors to ensure a smooth application lifecycle process with minimal performance hiccups.

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Application performance management software for DevOps

While application performance management tools are mostly employed to monitor application performance in production environments, similar systematic application monitoring in the development environment can significantly decrease development time and increase application performance and stability. Implementing web application performance management techniques throughout the DevOps toolchain is a key component of the best practices involved in DevOps. An operative strategy yields actionable insights into the various operations of the core applications of enterprise systems. Working in loop with an APM system fortifies the DevOps & SRE processes and advances other elements such as testing, management, security and CI/CD to attune to growing IT needs.

An APM tool helps DevOps teams to:

  • Check if new code changes have impacted the performance of key business applications.
  • Collaborate better with AppDev teams and provide quantifiable feedback to development teams.
  • application performance management Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

    Monitor application performance to measure end user experience

    The objectives of IT Ops and DevOps teams across organizations converge at one common goal that is satisfying customer demands. A good user experience leads to continued usage of service which directly translates to more revenue generated.An APM tool employs a technique called synthetic transaction monitoring to mimic, record, and re-run possible end user interactions with a given web application by executing behavioral scripts. These transaction details present important information that can ensure your application can handle the projected load.

    Applications Manager offers digital experience monitoring along with application performance management which enables you to:

    • Test and monitor application performance before its launch.
    • Become aware of performance issues before the end user does.
    • Measuring impact of third party components in your application.
    • Performance stats for application access across geographies.

    application performance management Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

    Application performance management for IT Operations teams

    To ensure infrastructure and operational environments that support application deployments are in order, Application Performance Management is extremely crucial in maintaining a continuous and smooth flow of operations. Plan capacity and allocate resources precisely by monitoring resource usage, network stats,, server uptime, etc. as part of application performance management. Understand and optimize server and network performance through thorough network application performance management. Applications Manager provides you with:

    • System processes using high resources
    • Network load in the server
    • CPU, memory, Disk I/O analytics

    application performance management solution - ManageEngine Applications Manager

    While some key metrics can be retrieved with ad hoc scripts, a comprehensive application performance management software can dig deeper and wider to present more than just a few performance counters of these business applications. If your application performance components right at the grassroot levels are measured, it is an indication that the foundations of your application performance monitoring principles are strong.

    IT operations teams can use application performance management to:

    • Get insight into every component of the IT infrastructure - from server, to database, to cloud native.
    • Understand how applications use the infrastructure and where performance slowness arises.
    • Reduce false alarms and perform more accurate root cause analysis; triage problems quickly and meet SLAs.

    Why Application Performance Management with Applications Manager?

    ManageEngine Applications Manager is recommended by thousands of admins across numerous industries. It offers out of the box monitoring for over 150 popular servers and business applications. With its unified console offering monitoring, alerting and analytics capabilities for IT Ops, DevOps, web application monitoring as well as End User Monitoring, Applications Manager is an ideal and affordable application performance management tool for small, medium as well as enterprise organizations.

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