Linux OS Comparison Matrix

Enterprises today have shown a rapid growth in the usage of Linux systems. This creates a need for Linux administration in large enterprise networks. With Desktop Central, system admins no longer need to hunt for a tool to perform automated Linux administration. Desktop Central provides solutions for Linux patch management, asset management, software deployment and other desktop management activities which helps admins ensure that all the Linux machines are managed efficiently in the network.

Features Asset Management Patch Management Software Deployment Remote Control* Configurations # Reports
Linux Mint ✓
Red Hat Enterprise ✓
CentOS ✓
Fedora ✓
Mandriva ✓
Suse Enterprise ✓ ✓
Open Suse ✓
Pardus ✓
Oracle Linux ✓

 * - Remote control will work only if the X Window GUI component is available in agent computers.

 # - Refers to all Linux configurations available in the product.

Note: Under patch Management, we support the patching of Linux security updates and non-security updates (only for Red Hat machines) with bulletin IDs.

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