Patch Management

Automated patch management for Windows, Mac & Linux

Managing software has become an integral part of every business, starting from the operating system to the business applications that enterprises use to accomplish varied tasks on a day-to-day basis.  The IT’s role does not just stop with procurement and installation of these software. Administrators have to ensure that these are periodically patched to mitigate the risk of them becoming vulnerable to attacks. Every software vendor releases patches and security updates to fix the vulnerabilities from time to time.

Desktop Central’s patch management helps the IT administrators to automate the deployment of patches across the network to keep systems healthy and pro avoid any malware attacks.

Desktop Central handles every aspect of Windows patch management - this includes system discovery; identifying the required Windows updates, deploying relevant patches, hotfixes, security updates, and patch reports. Microsoft releases patches for its operating systems and applications on the second Tuesday of every month, popularly known as Patch Tuesday. Apart from this, they also release out of band security bulletins to fix critical issues for their OS and applications.  With Desktop Central, IT Administrators can ensure that all of these periodic patch updates are automatically deployed to the required computers, without any manual intervention. Network Managers can opt for this completely automated patch management software solution and don't have to worry about patching Windows systems ever.

In addition to automating Windows patches, Desktop Central also helps to deploy patches for third party applications such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Quick Time, and many more. Provides an extensive third-party application catalog. Simplifies third-party patching by making use of pre-built, tested and ready-to-deploy packages for Non-Microsoft applications. You can create patching policies by selecting the deployment features you want most with third-party application patching.Click to view the complete list of third party applications.

Enterprises using Mac OS have seen a tremendous growth in recent times. Managing and securing such systems has become inevitable. Desktop Central helps you deploy patches to Mac OS and other third party applications specific to Mac. It helps to deploy and manage patches to all Mac endpoints from a single console, keeps your Mac clients current with the latest Mac security updates.

Linux patch management.

Security being a major concern for every enterprise, it becomes essential that every computer is patched to avoid any breaches. Patch management for Linux computers is no longer a challenging task. Using Desktop Central, you can now patch Linux systems from a single console, with the ability to automate the complete process. It provides on-demand and scheduled patch deployment of Linux related security fixes, thus keeping your Linux endpoints secure, error-free, and updated with the latest patches.