Software License Compliance

Avoid getting penalized for non-compliance
License Status Report

With Software Compliance rules getting tighter, it has become crucial for IT administrators to ensure that unlicensed software are not a part of their organization. Identification of unlicensed software during a Software License Audit might not only result in the organization shelling out huge amounts but also damage the very reputation of the enterprise. Desktop Central's Software License Management techniques help keep away software licensing issues in your company. The key benefits of Software License Management include:

  • Maintain a list of commercial/non-commercial software used at the enterprise.
  • Identify the over-licensed / under-licensed software.
  • Avoid penalty for non-compliance of software licensing during software license audits.
  • Cut down cost by canceling the licenses of unused software.

Achieving Software License Compliance...

Desktop Central allows you to record license information of commercial software used at your enterprise. You can input details like the application name, manufacturer, version, number of licenses purchased, date of purchase, and expiry of the software. The Desktop Central agent residing on the client machine scans for various software details. This information is sent to the Desktop Central server and verified with the inputs recorded earlier. You can also make use of Schedule Software Inventory Scanning to identify the software license compliance level at your organization. The scheduler can be configured to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending upon your preferences.

Software License Reports

Desktop Central helps simplify software license management using special reports. They are:

  • License Compliance Report:This is a detailed report on the software that are in compliance, over licensed, and under licensed.
  • Licenses to be renewed Report: This report provides the list of software whose licenses have to be renewed soon. Results can be generated for a specific time frame.

Based on the software metering and the usage statistics, you can decide whether or not to renew the licenses.

Software License Compliance Alerts

You can configure email alerts and stay informed on the Inventory dynamics in your organization. Alerts can be generated to notify:

  • Non-compliance of software licensing policy (over licensed or under licensed).
  • When software is being used post its license validity.