Remote Shutdown

Remote Shutdown is simply the process of turning off computers from a remote location. Too many enterprises waste money running computers outside of work hours, including nights and weekends. Furthermore, after an important patch update or software installation, the target computer might be required to shutdown or reboot. With Remote Access Plus, you can effectively bring down your operating costs by remotely shutting down machines.

Shutdown inactive computers

By adopting a policy that remotely shuts down inactive computers, organizations can bring down their operaring costs significantly. Windows remote shutdown plays a crucial role in broadcasting this message and enabling remote computers to power off. Here are some of the capabilities of Remote Access Plus:


  1. Get to know the active computers with no active users and turn them down instantly.
  2. Enforce shutdown and let the user understand why you are enforcing system shutdown.
  3. Let the user interact with the shutdown wizard and postpone the process.
  4. Put computer to hibernate, stand-by, Reboot, lock or shutdown. 
  5. Remotely power down computers even in bulk.

Scheduling Automatic Tasks

You can complete the following tasks automatically using Remote Access Plus. You can do this by using the Schedule Shutdown tab.

Creating and Scheduling Tasks

You can create and schedule various tasks. To create and schedule a shutdown task, follow the steps given below:

  • Click the Tools tab
  • Click Remote Shutdown
  • Click the Schedule Shutdown tab
  • Click Add Shutdown Task
  • Enter a name for the task
  • From the Operation section, select the required type of task
  • Select the required computers
  • Schedule when you want the task to take place:
  • Once: Use this option if you want the task to take place only once. Specify a start time and start date.
  • Daily: Use this option if you want the task to take place everyday. Specify whether the task should take place on all days or only on weekdays.
  • Weekly: Use this option if you want the task to take place on a weekly basis. Specify a start time and the required days of the week.
  • Monthly: Use this option if you want the task to take place on a monthly basis. Specify the start time, when you want this task to take place (for example, first Sunday or the day), and months in which you want this task to take place.
  • Click Save Task
  • You have created and deployed a task using the Schedule Shutdown tab.

Remote Log off

Technicians find it cumbersome to backup data routinely when the system is left logged in. There might even be unsaved files open. First, this will disrupt the backup routine and second, the system might have been left unattended, which unauthorized users can take advantage of. These problems can be solved effortlessly using the Remote Access Plus - Remote Log Off feature that helps technicians in logging off end users.


  1. Remotely log off the current user of a particular computer.
  2. Remotely log off all the users in a target computer.